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Genocea aims to transform vaccine discovery and development to improve millions of lives. We use ATLAS™, our proprietary technology platform that rapidly identifies T cell antigens associated with protective immune responses in humans exposed to a pathogen. We have a pipeline of novel vaccine candidates that stimulate the T cell arm of the immune system, which is increasingly recognized as critical to generating protective immunity against a wide array of diseases. Genocea’s pipeline includes programs addressing genital herpes, pneumococcus, chlamydia, malaria and cancer immunotherapy. We currently have two products in Phase 2 clinical development:

  • GEN-003, an immunotherapy to treat patients with genital herpes. We reported positive data from an ongoing Phase 2b dose optimization trial from the 6-month 28-day observation period in October 2015. At the best performing dose of 60 µg per protein / 75 µg of Matrix-M2TM adjuvant, GEN-003 demonstrated a statistically significant 58 percent reduction from baseline in the viral shedding rate (p<0.0001), the primary endpoint of the study. This reduction was an improvement upon the attractive product profile established in Phase 1/2a trial. In a planned secondary analysis to assess the impact on genital lesion rates, a patient-reported measurement of clinical disease, GEN-003 demonstrated sustained and statistically significant reductions from baseline in five of six dose groups ranging from 43 to 69 percent. In addition, the proportion of patients receiving GEN-003 who were lesion-free at six months after dosing ranged from approximately 30 to 50 percent, similar to results reported in clinical trials with oral antiviral therapies. A further secondary analysis measuring the time to first recurrence after completion of dosing showed a range of 152 days to greater than 180 days among dose groups.

    Data from 12-month observation periods in this trial is expected in first quarter of 2016. Genocea expects  to conduct an end of Phase 2 meeting with the FDA in late 2016 Data from the prior Phase 1/2a trial was the first time a therapeutic vaccine candidate has demonstrated significant reductions in the rates of viral shedding and genital lesions in genital herpes patients.
  • GEN-004, a universal concept vaccine to prevent infections caused by all serotypes of pneumococcus. We announced top-line results from a Phase 2 clinical trial for GEN-004 on October 19, 2015. GEN-004 showed consistent reductions versus placebo in the pre-specified endpoints of the rate and density of colonization, but neither of the endpoints achieved statistical significance. GEN-004 was safe and well-tolerated by patients. Pending further review of the data and potential paths forward, Genocea has suspended development of GEN-004.

    In a prior Phase 1 study, GEN-004 met its safety, tolerability and immunogenicity goals, including measurable increases in the blood of T helper 17 (TH17) cells, a rare cell type that provides immunity at epithelial and mucosal surfaces.

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